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Get back in shape over 90 days - on your own schedule, without equipment - in your own home, all while developing healthy new habits, better nutrition and life long changes.

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Here's what you can expect from your online programme:

Invest in your health. Get a plan and the accountability you need to make a long-term change.

Workout on your own schedule

Unlike a class or personal training session - you'll have access to on-demand workouts that can fit around your schedule - so no missed workouts! All the workouts have video instructions and are pre-timed, just hit start and follow along.

Weekly Coaching Q&A's

Get answers to any questions that come up over the course of the programme with weekly coaching Q&A's with a qualified coach. You'll also be able to message me (your coach) through the app.

App based workouts and tracking

Get access to workouts, track your weight and your progress from an app on your phone. Optionally track your calories by linking MyFitnessPal.

Recipe Packs & Coaching Resources

Get access to HUNDREDS of recipes when you sign up to this programme. On top of that you'll get access to coaching tools and resources to help with your progress.

Private App Group

You'll be part of a group of like-minded people aiming to achieve similar goals and going through the same experience. You'll be able to share idea's, ask questions and be a part of the group.

My Guarantee

Try Online Group Coaching For 90 Days

I can’t promise results – change takes work. If you stick to the workouts and make the necessary nutritional changes over the 13 weeks, you will lose weight. 
How much? It depends on you and how much work you can put into this programme. 
That being said, if you follow the programme, work on your nutrition, do the workouts but still don’t see results – I’ll give you your money back.

Results from the programme:

Everything you need in one centralised location: 

The trainerize app lets you get access to weekly workouts programmed by a qualified strength and conditioining coach.

Track your weight, optionally upload progress photos, message your coach and see your progress as you work through the programme.

If you know a habit you’d like to work on – it can be added to your calander on request as well as any nutrition goal you’d like to work towards.

Hundreds of ready to access recipes:

Get access to every recipe pack available – all included in the programme.

Every recipe comes with a quick filter guide so you can find the right recipes for you, whether you’re looking for low carb, low fat, high protein, vegetarian or vegan recipes.

You’ll also get access to my favourite recipe pack – the 5-ingredient recipe pack – because sometimes you just want something fast to make.

You can scan a barcode on any recipe to add it to MyFitnessPal if you track your calories through the app. This can also be linked to trainerize, and linked to a nutritional goal set in the trainerize app on request

If you know a habit you’d like to work on – it can be added to your calander on request as well.

Daily Weigh-ins - Monthly Measurements:

A huge part of any programme is staying on track, your bodyweight will fluctuate multiple times per day and per week, every day tracking is the best way to get a weekly average to truly see your progress over time. 

Likewise, while your weight may go up or down, measurements will help to reasure that you’re really moving in the right direction.

A Coach that cares:

While you’re on this programme, I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress and making sure you don’t fall behind. 

We’ll work together to troubleshoot any issues that come up while you’re on the programme.

My goal is to help you reach your goals.


Christopher Corden, BSc, PN1, OTA1

What my clients say:

Excellent trainer, professional and friendly with fantastic work ethic. Whether you are starting out on a weight-loss/lifestyle change journey or looking to improve your fitness or nutritional knowledge, Chris will help and support you get to started or back on track.


Chris's training programmes offer great value for money. He is professional and works with you around your goals in a really friendly manner! I would highly recommend Chris and Optimum Fitness!


"Thank so much Chris for the training programme. So helpful having a quick programme for when I'm stuck for time in the gym. I've got no excuses anymore."


Really found the training beneficial as Chris had extensive knowledge about training and was is really passionate about it! Definitely would recommend


"I was a bit worried about my weight levels and though I had been going to the gym, it was not helping as much as I had hoped. So I signed up with Christopher and he put me on a training programme specifically designed to help me lose weight."


"Can not say enough about Chris. His programs are tailored to suit my needs and ablilitys. Not only does he provide the knowledge needed but he also pushes you to achieve your best. He's quick response time and availability also makes it hard for you to come up with excuses to not get in shape."


I highly recommend Chris . Achievable goals and none of your stereotypical shouting and pushing that might put anyone off trying . In the past I've tried to use the gym planning my own way but with limited knowledge of how and why to use machines, I achieved little to no results. Chris asked questions with regard to my goals and planned a program according. Thanks again Chris


"I had been training in a sports club before the lockdown last year, however I let my training slip and wanted to start back on an exercise programme that was tailored to my needs. Christopher worked out specific exercises based on my fitness level which wasn't great at the time, and I have really started to feel the benefits"


"I was a bit worried about my weight levels and though I had been going to the gym, it was not helping as much as I had hoped. So I signed up with Christopher and he put me on a training programme specifically designed to help me lose weight."


Meet the Coach:

Christopher Corden, BSc, PN1, OTA1

Hey there!

My names Chris, I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Strength & Conditioning, I’m a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach and a certified Online Personal Trainer from The Online Trainer Acadamy. (I have a few other certs, but these are what I’m most proud of.)

I’ve been coaching clients for 3 years, and I have been constantly adding courses, books, and specialized qualifications such as Precision Nutrition to my coaching tool belt during that period. One of my biggest focuses to date has always been education to improve my coaching for clients.

I started training in a gym in 2017 and I loved it – at that point I was leading the workouts with my friends, from there I went on to study S&C and then setup Optimum Fitness Results. 

Your Coach,

Christopher Corden, BSc, PN1, OTA1

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