Three things you can do to start losing weight today

Changing your diet can change your weight

Written By Christopher Corden

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Here are three simple adjustments you can make to change your diet to start losing weight.

The theme of this blog post is going to be: Short and Sweet. No long post here 🙂

So, three things you can do/change to start losing weight.

Firstly, eat more fruit and veg. I know, you’ve heard that before, everyone has heard that before, that doesn’t matter, it’s a case of actually doing it. 

Vegetables, and secondly fruit, are the lowest calorie density foods that exist. If you’ve been told that fruit has sugar and therefore its bad, you should slap whoever said that. Gram for gram, fruit and veg contain the least calories and a tone of vitamins and minerals. 

I’m sure whoever said “Fruit has fructose and that can make you gain weight” didn’t put much thought into the fact that you’d need to eat about a kilogram of apples to get to 500 calories, whereas you need about 100 grams of biscuits and you’re there, 10x the amount of apple to reach the same calories? Right, and fruit is the issue…

Secondly! Eat more protein, and ideally, eat protein with every meal. The rest of that meal should be made up of (you guessed it), fruit and veg. 

Losing weight is difficult if you go into an insanely restrictive diet, and I don’t mean cutting out things you like, I mean cutting out everything, you get hungry, then your crash diet ends and you gain 10kg. You can save yourself that heartache by being satiated after each meal, protein and food volume being a key factor in that. So eat protein with each meal and a lot of vegetables.

Lastly, drink a lot of water. Both before, during and after meals, as well as in between. 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water. Water is vital for sustaining life, you can get it from things like tea and coffee and juices, but when it comes to weight loss, those usually all come with calories added. 

Whether it’s milk (not hating on milk) or sugar or cream or whatever, plain old water will probably serve you better, you can still have some tea and coffee of course but caffeine is a mild diuretic (makes you go toilet) meaning you should still drink water with those. 

Water will keep you somewhat full, reduce the amount of food you eat overall and help to keep you satiated between meals, it also helps with digestion, the absorption of nutrients, and everything from your organs to your skin. 

You can overdo it, so if you find yourself drinking litre after litre, you may need to increase your salt intake to avoid actually getting slightly dehydrated from excessive water consumption by diluting your blood.

Try these three steps and track your weight!

Also, feel free to comment below!

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