Week 3!

Rememeber – it isn’t about rushing through it all in one day, take some time to plan your week to include the challenge and workouts.

4 Week Transformation Challenge

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Welcome to week 3 of the four week challenge. 

Good job on the last two weeks! Keep up the good work!

Need something check something from last week? Here – Week 1 or Here – Week 2

Lets smash this week too!

If you have any questions – you can email me, [email protected] 

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If you’re struggling with nutrition, having a list of recipes can help.
All our recipe packs contain shopping lists and template meal plans.

This Weeks Workouts!

There’s no set limit to how many times you do these workouts – there are two workouts so feel free to do each one twice or more!

Example Week of Workouts - Feel free to use it!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Workout 5
Workout 6
Rest Day (walk)
Workout 3
Workout 4
Rest Day (walk)
Workout 1 or 2

Workout 5

Sets: 4 | Reps: 45's | Rest: 30's

Rest for 45 seconds between exercises and 30seconds between sets!
Do these as a circuit.

Workout 6

Sets: 4 | Reps: 45's | Rest: 35's

Rest for 45 seconds between exercises and 30seconds between sets!
Do these as a circuit.

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This Week Guides

No Pain, No Gain? Well, maybe not.

Have you ever stopped mid meal and though, what is this food doing for me right now?
If you haven't, you're not alone. Most of what we do is a thoughtless process. You don't need to think about chewing food, you just do it. If it tastes good, why ask questions?

Well, unfortunately these days we don't always pick the most nutritious food, often opting for thing that satisfy us emotionally rather than nutritionally. 

This week I want you to challenge yourself nutritonally. 

Eat slowly. Really focus on the taste of what you're eating. The texture. And why you're eating it.
Stop when you're 80% full. Limit yourself from overeating at each meal. Don't throw what you've made away, just save it for later!
If these two are too easy, try putting down your fork and knife between each bite.

Like most things in our body, hunger is a highly regulated process. Over time, we become disassociated from this natural regulation by consuming highly processed, high calorie, low nutrition foods.
Aim to have a diet comprised of highly nutritious, high fiber fruit and veg, and lean sources of protein. 

80% of the above, 20% of the rest. You don't need to give up foods you like, just incorporate more nutrient dense foods.

You can just focus on the bold text if you don't want to read this whole piece.

You don't need a degree in strength and conditioning to write an exercise program for yourself. There are so many free resources online as well, but I find a lot of these miss some key muscle groups, usually the hamstrings.

There are compound and isolation exercises, compound exercises target multiple muscles, isolation exercises are like the name implies, for single muscles.
Focus on compound movements.
Here are what I consider to be the fundamentals:

  • Squat (push movement)
  • Deadlift (mix of push/pull but I define it as pull)
  • Hinge (Pull)
  • Push (Vertical/Horizontal)
  • Pull (Vertical/Horizontal)
  • Carry (full body)

I generally split workouts into either Upper Body/Lower Body or Push/Pull. There are more advance workout splits, but if you're going to a gym or doing a workout twice a week that's a great start.
You can then pick what you want to use to do these exercises, there are hundreds if not thousands of variations.

Keep it simple, choose from a dumbbell, kettle-bell, barbell, or body-weight.

"Sets" are a block of repetitions (reps) - 3x4 reads as 3 sets of 4 reps, or (4,4,4,4). Generally you rest in between each set.
Pick a set range, from 2 - 5, and pick a rep range.
Rep ranges can be as high as 50 and as low as 1, but generally anywhere from 6 - 20 is a good starting point.
A standard strength workout may consist of 5x5, 5x3, 3x6. For these, you would use a moderately heavy weight.

A muscle building workout will more than likely be made up of 3x12, 4x12, 5x8, for these you wouldn't go as heavy as the above set range.

Pick 3-4 exercises. Pick your set range, personally I tend to do 3x 8-12, pick your "tools" for each exercise and go! 

Look back at the gym workouts over the pasts two weeks, see if you can highlight which exercises are classed as push/pull(vertical/horizontal) and use them as an example to write your own workout.

If you need help, email me what you've come up with for feedback!


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This Weeks Challenge!

Do something new!

Maybe you already go to the gym. If you do, that's amazing! 
If you go to the gym and just go on a treadmill, it's time for a change.
Go to the weights section, use the machines, lift some dumbbells, lift a barbell. 
You can say you don't know how, but that's a poor excuse. Watch some youtube videos, ask someone who knows to show you, try it before you say you can't. Most things we learn come from trial and error. Messing up is a part of the process, step 2 is to try again with the lesson learned from step 1.
Don't go to a gym? That's fine, but maybe now is the time to start? You're here, you're trying new things, take this as an opportunity to get started. Lifting weight's will change your body, and your life.
Already go to a gym and lift weights? Awesome! Maybe it's time to try something new as well? That's not to say stop going to the gym, but to add in something else. Try running, or try swimming. You get amazing benefits from resistance training, but conditioning is important also! Start gently, then work up in intensity. 

There isn't really much of a step 2 to this process.
If you want to see real change, you just have to go do it. 
You don't need a justification from your friends or family. You don't need to explain yourself. 

You may need to find time and make a plan, but that's the easy part. Again, you'll get to flex you time management muscles.

Why might be wondering, why the push to go to a gym?
Well, of all the form of exercise available, weightlifting is one of the most beneficial. 

Again with COVID restrictions, this challenge is hard to apply. Although there’s nothing to stop you once the gym’s a reopened. For now, it may be just running, learning to skip, learning more advanced bodyweight exercises, doing your first pullup or pushup, walking 15km in a day, there’s something new for you to try!

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