Exercise & Nutrition Coaching For Weight Loss

A combined approach to eating, habits and exercise

Results Based Coaching & Nutrition

We take a fully individualized approach to your training and nutrition, we’ll find what works best for you, without taking away the things you enjoy the most.

With a balance between exercise and nutrition, you’ll quickly make progress whatever your goal. Find a sense of harmony between how you eat, and how you exercise.

Setting goals and more importantly, surpassing them, is key. We’ll help you set achievable and realistic goals for you, at each stage. Each month we’ll reassess and see where you’ve improved.

Nutrition and exercise are important, but establishing healthy habits and lifestyle choices is the rope that ties the process together. We’ll cover everything from food to sleep each week.

Invest in your health. Get a plan, goals, and accountability.

All sessions are tailored to suit your specific goals and level of fitness, with a strong focus on promoting healthy exercise habits and technique, improving posture, cardiovascular health and overall strength.

Starting alone is difficult, staying consistent and seeing the results you’re looking for without help is rare. Having a personal trainer will help you stay motivated and on track, as well as push you past your comfort zone; something everyone struggles with.

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Take a look at what's included in our programmes

Exercsie & Accountability

  • Up to 60 Minutes Per Session
  • Guided Exercise & Programming Tracking
  • Weight & Body Measurement Tracking

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Individualized Nutrition Coaching
  • Habit & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Monthly Recipe Packs

Gym Membership & Out of Hours Contact

  • Includes Monthly Gym Membership
  • Exercise Anatomy & Explinations
  • Email / Phone Coaching Support

All our programs include Monthly Gym Membership, as well as recipe packs are included in the listed price.
We build as much into your program as possible to give you the best service we can.

3 | 4 | 6 Months

Month to Month Coaching

8 Sessions a Month

2 Coaching Sessions per Week
/ Per Session
  • 2 Sessions Per Week

12 Sessions a Month

3 Coaching Sessions per Week
/ Per Session
  • 3 Sessions Per Week

16 Sessions a Month

4 Coaching Sessions per Week
/ Per Session
  • 4 Sessions Per Week

3 | 4 | 6 Months of Personal Training

3 Months

Standard Coaching Programme - 36 Sessions
/ Per Session
  • 3 Sessions Per Week for Three Months

4 Months

Accelerated Coaching Programme - 51 Sessions
/ Per Session
  • 4 Sessions a week for the first 3 weeks then 3 sessions a week up to four months.

6 Months

Long Term Coaching Programme - 60 Sessions
/ Per Session
  • 3 Sessions a week for the first three months followed by 2 sessions a week up to six months.

Our Guarantee

Try Our Training For 30 Days

We know that Personal Training is a big investment, but we also know the value it brings. Try our Training Service for 30 days – you’ll love the process and see results, but if you decide that it’s not for you, we’ll give you your money back.

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All training is provided by a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, with experience in coaching, personal training, group training and bootcamps. 

Remember the hardest step is often the first one when looking for help, if you’re interested and want to make a change you can contact us either by filling out the contact form or if you prefer by calling us with the telephone number below.

Contact me at: [email protected]
or phone: 086 302 2288