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Regain Lost Confidence • Lose Unwanted Weight • Live your Healthiest Life

Regain Lost Confidence

Lose Unwanted Weight

Live your Healthiest Life

Take back control of your weight, health and fitness.

Join the Women’s Weight Loss Program to get expert guidance, support, and accountability to help you achieve your weight loss goals and transform your body and health.
Join our community of like-minded women today and start your journey towards a happier, healthier you.

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What my clients say:

How does the Women's Weight Loss Program work?

Access workouts, your nutrition plan and the women’s coaching group on your phone.
Track your weight, measurements as well as progress photos.

Each week you’ll have a one to one call with me to discuss how you’re progressing, where you may need help and what to work on for the following week.

The hardest part about losing weight, getting fitter and working on your diet, is sticking to it.

The key part of this programme is having a group and coach to hold you accountable every day.

Between weekly coaching calls, messaging and the weekly check-in form, you’ll always be on the right track.

If you fall off track, I’ll know as soon as you do, and we’ll make a plan on how to start making progress again.

Having a supportive group as well as me as your coach will keep you pushing forward, and striving to become the most confident version of yourself.

OptimumFit Academy

Women's Online Coaching
175 Monthly
  • High Contact Coaching
  • Mobile Training App & Online Programme
  • Nutrition, General Health, Lifestyle, Habits & Exercise Coaching
  • Helpful & Supportive Women's Community
  • Support - Accountability - Guidance: Real Results.

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Spend Less Time Cooking •  Get more protein in your diet •  Reduce your calorie intake

Spend Less Time Cooking
Get more protein in your diet
Reduce your calorie intake

Meet your coach:

Christopher Corden

Women's Weightloss Coach
BS.c | PN1 | OTA1

Christopher Corden

Women's Weightloss Coach
BS.c | PN1 | OTA1

Hey There!

My name is Chris, I’m married, I have two kids, and try to balance work, family life and fitness daily.

Helping women find a balanced approach to improving their health and reaching their goals without sacrificing on the things they love is my goal as an online coach.

I’ve been coaching since 2018, as your coach, I’ll help you make the changes and adjustments you need to match your current lifestyle to your goals – without making sacrifices, doing aimless workouts or following fad diets.

Your Coach,

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Personalised Coaching

Get the coaching, support and accountability you need to take the steps required to get results.

Friendly & Informative Training

Learn how to change your habits, how to exercise and how to improve your nutrition.

Mutliple Qualifications For Delivering Results

With a highly qualified coach, you'll get the weight loss results that you've been looking for.

Current Services & Coaching Programmes

OptimumFIT Academy - 90 Day PRogramme

A highly personalised coaching programme with workouts, habit and nutrition programme specifically targeted towards your goals. Weekly coaching checkings and high contact coaching support.
Drop 1-2 Dress sizes in 12 weeks, renew your confidence and build your strength and fitness to new levels.

Downloadable Recipe Packs

Recipe packs to suit any nutrition style and any goal. 
Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle or stay healthy, there’s a recipe pack for you full of delicious meals you can make every day.

in person coaching (Restrictions dependent)

Face to face gym based coaching sessions combined with in-person nutrition coaching for people based in Carlow looking to lose weight, improve their health and get fitter with the accountability that comes with having a qualified coach.

Womens Online Group Transformation

Lose 8-16lbs in 90 days – with a guarantee that if you don’t lose at least 5lbs, you get your money back.

Exercise, Nutrition and lifestyle group programme designed to get your the reults your looking for.

Online Transformation Programme

Kick start or restart your fitness journey with our online transformation programme. 4 Weeks of workouts, habit change and nutritional tips. Each week has a challenge and a check-in to keep you on track and keep the programme exciting!

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Further Information

All training is provided by a fully insured and qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist, with experience in coaching, personal training, group training and bootcamps. 

Remember the hardest step is often the first one when looking for help, if you’re interested and want to make a change you can contact me either by filling out the contact form or if you prefer by calling me with the number below.

Contact me at: [email protected]
or phone: 086 302 2288